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1/144 F15 Eagle Fighter

1/144 F15 Eagle Fighter
Item# ACY-12609
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Product Description

1/144 F15 Eagle Fighter by Academy. Ages 10+. This is an Academy 1/144 scale plastic model kit. The F-15 Eagle was designed specifically to reprise the role of "dogfighter". To do this, the basic engineering was directed toward lower maintenance time by using less complicated systems. Maintaining the Eagle takes about half the time it takes for a Phantom, yet the F-15 retains essential automatic controls, such as engine inlet positioning. The Eagle's twin Pratt and Whitney F100 afterburning turbofans prodce 10,000 more pounds of thrust than the weight of the plane. This allows the F-15 to turn tightly without sacrificing precious airspeed. The Eagle carries one 20mm rotary cannon as standard equipment, but eight hardpoints can carry an enormous variety of additional weaponry to enhance the dogfighting abilities of the plane. The single-seat F-15C is the second generation version of the single seat Eagle and replaced the F-15A in June, 1979. Externally, it shows little change, but inside it contains newer and more versatile electronics making today's Eagle far more deadly. This kit is very easy to assemble, and contains accurate decal markings, fully engraved panel lines, landing gear, and four missiles.