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1/32 Tornado GR Mk 1 RAF Fighter

1/32 Tornado GR Mk 1 RAF Fighter
Item# RVL-4705
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Product Description

1/32 Tornado GR Mk 1 RAF Fighter Skimming the trees at 900 mph, the Tornado scans for targets-it doesn't matter what the target is, the Tornado has the weapons to engage and destroy. This variable-sweep wing combat aircraft is intended for a wide variety of roles, but it excels at low-level strikes. With ground-scanning radar with a range of 100 miles and a host of laser-guided munitions, nothing escapes a Tornado. Kit features free-fall and laser guided bombs, drop tanks, ECM pod, detailed cockpit, ejector seats, radar, landing gear and engine plus decals for 3 versions. 280 parts.