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1/25 British Chieftain 46t Medium Tank

1/25 British Chieftain 46t Medium Tank
Item# TAM-30608
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Product Description

1/25 British Chieftain 46t Medium Tank by Tamiya. Ages 12+. This is a re-release model of the British Army 46ton Medium Tank Chieftain, which was first released in 1967. The British Chieftain tank was the successor to the Centurion model, and was produced from 1963. Its most striking feature was the 55-caliber, 120mm main gun, which had a range of up to 4 kilometers. The tank could get around 48km/h out of its 750hp V6 engine. Including all versions of the tank, around 900 Chieftains were produced in total.The Tamiya re-issued model captures all the details of the full size subject in 1/25th scale.