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1/1000 Star Trek USS Enterprise NX01 Refit (Snap)

1/1000 Star Trek USS Enterprise NX01 Refit (Snap)
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Product Description

1/1000 Star Trek USS Enterprise NX01 Refit (Snap) by Polar Lights. The last Star Trek telelvision show was simply called EnterpriseTM. It featured the predecessor to the famous U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701. The EnterpriseTM NX-01 was the first insterstellar exploration craft. Though the shape was sleak, it lacked certain aspects that came with the expectations of an ?EnterpriseTM?. After the show wrapped up series production designer, Doug Drexler, took the ship?s design to the next stage. By adjusting the warp engines a bit and adding a secondary hull, the NX-01 Refit bore a closer resemblance to the TOS version of the ship. This kit includes options to build either the NX-01 or, for the first time, the NX-01 Refit version of the EnterpriseTM. The box art features new rendering by ship designer doug drexler. Kit Features: Scale: 1/1000 Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up) Glue assembly, paint required Molded in gray New part options to build NX-01 version or NX-01 refit Popular take on a sleek design Includes decal sheet Includes dome base with support rod Box art by Doug Drexler